RBCM PN01035
Photograph Number: 01035
Group: Haida
Location: Haina
Collection: Newcombe (National Museum of Canada #20529)
Catalogue No.: E403 - Xii/29 X143 L. M.145
Photographer: Jacobsen(?) Maynard(?) Flemming (see print in album B)
Date: XII/06 about 1890 (from oversize)
Remarks: Oversize

2 catalogues credit different men as photographers

Haina Ottawa Pole
from Jacobsen(?)
center pole in N.M.C.
Looking south - group at 1st pole
see NMM # 100786

Pole on right (facing picture is Job Wilson's) (see PN5651 for face-on full view)

Pole in m iddle is George Smith's (see PN7)

"No 2 from right sent to Ottawa 1901 , right hand pole, see large photo ,Maynard - about 1893 - Bt for Prov. Museum"
from print in file envelope

one oversize print courtesy of Eric Watterton, Provincial Museum of Alta. Edmonton
their photo # could be A158

COPYRIGHT E BROWN #2194 (from print in file envelope)