Photograph Number: 14714
Group: Kwakwaka'wakw
Location: Gwa'yasdams
Catalogue No.:
Photographer: F.J.Barrow
Date: 1936
Remarks: Dsonoqua of Mythical lady, Gwaestums, Gilford Island, '36 (from print in file envelope)

"Bill Holm carved a replica of this figure which now stands in the centre of the Burke Museum's gallery (not at the Sea Monster House at Pacific Science Centre as indicated by the BCPM). The only fragment of the original pole which still exists is the head, in a very weathered consition. It was also a part of the Burke Museum's ethnology collection (#2.5/645). It was a gift to the Museum in 1973. Edward Curtis photographed the original pole in place at Gwayasdums and published the photograph in Vol. 10 of his The North American Indian (1915): 296. The pole is said to have been erected in anticipation of the payment of a marriage debt owed to the owner by his wife's relatives. When the debt was paid, coppers were placed in both hands and above the head. - from a letter from Robin Wright to Linda MacNaughton 30 July 1985 - see catalogue.