Photograph Number: 12198
Group: Kwakwaka'wakw
Location: T'sadzis'nukwaame
Collection: PABC 62435
Catalogue No.: M.115 from original glass plate
Photographer: Halliday
Date: circa 1910-1914
Remarks: over-size

"House front at Tsatsisnukwomi, Halliday facing p.124" - "5" from "Potlatch and Totem" by W.M. Halliday. 01/07/98.

date: this photo was taken very close to the date that Edward Curtis' photo as seen in volume X, plate facing page 10. In Curtis' introduction he states that "An unusual amount of time has been devoted to the collection of material for this volume, a portion of each field season from 1910 to 1914 having been spent among the Kwakiutl tribes...."

MAQUILLA MOON family house - story from Knight Inlet (THUNDERBIRD HAD 4 girls)(per J.Peters, APR.19-20/78).