Photograph Number: 00898
Group: Kwakwaka'wakw
Location: 'Yalis
Collection: Newcombe E 748 XV11/48
Catalogue No.: L.
Photographer: most probably O.C. Hastings per D.S. & L.V.
Date: most probably 1879 per D.S. & L.V.
Remarks: "general view from the north, copy of old photo by J. Welsh" taken from catalogue date Newcombe received it is 1928, Welsh did not take this originally
better photograph in oversize marked "Maynard photo, 1873 Boxer Trip?

caption on the face of the print reads "Alert Bay 1862"; however, according to History of Alert Bay and District page 5, Elizabeth Healey notes that:
"the cannery and wharf were not there in 1862" in 1870 Spencer and Huson built a small saltery there in 1870, therefore if the saltery and cannery are the same thing, the photograph would have to be 1870 or later

has to be prior to 1884, see Tlah-glo-glass house note pole standing in front, see pn11466