Photograph Number: 02056
Group: Kwakwaka'wakw
Location: 'Yalis
Collection: Archives 40408
Catalogue No.:
Photographer: A.M. Westall
Date: circa 1910
Remarks: over size

"View of main part of the old ranch house. On the right in that of Chief Klakawah and in the foreground the sitting-out platform. Chief Klakawah broke a copper worth 11,000 blankets. The totem was afterwards sold to John Wannamaker, jeweller of New York. Three (or four) sitting-out platforms with one roof." -
taken from the negative in file envelope.

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However the pole in question appears in a Newcombe photograph PN 3194 taken in 1928 and showing the pole at Stanley Park,Vancouver.

See also PN 2060 for detail of the house and pole.